Analysis of potential

How do I take out an EEP and/or EOPP insurance?

The basis of each EEP insurance is an initial analysis of the energy savings potential. This is an intensive examination of the provider and the measure to be implemented. Technical components, implementation and calculation methods as well as already successfully implemented projects are verified during this examination.

At the end of a potential analysis, there is a clarity about whether energy-saving guarantees can be insured via EEP, and if yes, to what extent and under which conditions.

Are there different types of insurances with EEP and/or EOPP?

Yes. On the one hand, you can individually insure a large project with a wide range of efficiency and/or output-performance measures and a corresponding efficiency and/or output volume. On the other hand, you can insure efficiency and/or output-performance projects with a so-called framework contract.

A framework contract is always the best solution when a provider carries out a number of similar projects. If this becomes apparent when analysing the potential, insurers and providers define a framework, in which efficiency and/or output-performance projects are automatically insured.

We are here to provide advice and support in designing the right insurance protection for you.

Analysis of potential