Best Practice EEP and EOPP

MeteoViva Climate – Save energy with weather control (EEP)

MeteoViva GmbH has developed ”MeteoViva Climate“, a holistic optimisation solution for buildings. This control system for plant engineering based on weather predictions enables energy savings of up to 44 %. But many customers find this high savings potential implausible. As a consequence, they are very critical of investing in this measure. “Our solution is still relatively new in the market. Since we have very low initial costs and often achieve significantly higher savings than the classic energetic restoration, we and our licensees often come across a lot of skepticism”, explains Dr. Stefan Hardt, Managing Director of MeteoViva.

This is why MeteoViva was looking for a marketing tool that gives customers the required confidence in the measure. Through EEP, MeteoViva has obtained a strong instrument for distribution: “A guarantee insured by EEP can mitigate the skepticism of decision makers, because they either save the promised amount of energy – or the insurance pays.”

KlimaProtect has created an insurance solution customised to the special needs of MeteoViva: “Experts from KlimaProtect carefully analysed the technology and confirmed the savings potential. They certified the measure in the end.” An insurance was possible as a result and MeteoViva could guarantee savings to its customers. “The administrative effort is limited because new objects are insured automatically. A framework contract covers all our projects.” They are sent to the insurance company and settled on a quarterly basis

“The use of EEP in the sales process was the right decision. We were able to increase our sales significantly. Furthermore, we see an accelerated process of decision making.”

EnergiePerformance – Customer’s trust through Output Performance Guarantee (EOPP)

EnergiePerformance is a medium-sized engineering company, which focusses primarily on planning alternative energy production systems using renewable resources. In addition to planning EnergiePerformance can also take over the responsibilities of a general contractor if required.

A prospective customer of EnergiePerformance wants to assign them to plan, implement, and operate a plant for thermal utilisation of waste wood. The energy-dependent revenues generated by the plant are expected to be approximately 1.5 million euros. For financing, the client requires extensive guarantees with regard to the overall economy of the future system. However, the financing institution does not recognise any corporate guarantees of EnergiePerformance due to its balance sheet size.

For this reason, EnergiePerformance contacted KlimaProtect to take out an insurance for the overall economy of the project. An insurance concept for the “output performance guarantee” of the project was jointly developed. Finally, more than 94 % of the calculated performance could be insured over a period of five years.

The insured performance guarantee made the project financially viable and EnergiePerformance bagged this contract and five similar projects from the client. The requisite performance guarantees for these projects too were directly insured by the EOPP framework contract that was signed.

Best Practice EEP and EOPP