What is Energy Efficiency Protect (EEP)?

Energy Efficiency Protect (abbreviated as EEP) has been developed in cooperation with various experts from the insurance industry as well as agencies and service providers concerned with “energy efficiency”. The result is an insurance product for the performance of energy efficiency measures, which offers several advantages to all market players through specific and effective risk transfer.

In particular, EEP builds a close relationship of trust between providers of efficiency measures and their customers, and possibly the bankrollers involved. This trust, last but not least, makes EEP a genuine sales argument. It can be integrated into the sales process unbureaucratically thanks to a more transparent and more efficient structure.

There is always a guarantee contract, signed between the provider and customer, which forms the basis of an EEP insurance. This guarantee contract assures the provider minimum efficiency and thus the economic success of an efficiency measure. EEP transfers the risk arising from this guarantee contract to an insurance. This unburdens the balance sheet of the provider and gives customers the confidence that even after several years, the guarantee shall still be valuable in the event of damage or loss.

Moreover, an insured guarantee shows the customer that it is not just the provider but also the insurer who is convinced of the success of the measure. The provider can substantiate this in front of potential customers by producing the “KlimaProtect” certificate.


What is Energy Efficiency Protect (EEP)?