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Project/technology description

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Since when have you been providing this technology?

Average costs/investment per project?

Which services do you provide?
Can you influence the energy-savings success of the technology used?

How are the projects financed? (Purchase/contracting model etc.)

Do you have a monetary interest in the energy-savings success of the technology used? What is the profit-sharing?

Where are the projects usually implemented?

Which sector does the majority of your customers belong to?

In which building types do you use your technology?

Assumptions regarding energy-saving

Average energy-savings so far in % and € per project per annum?

Maximum energy-savings achieved so far in % and € per project per annum?

Available reference projects, verifiable energy- savings successes?
What documents are available for this? (Attach a file at the end if required)

How much energy-savings guarantee (%/€) would you like to provide?

Would the guarantee be provided directly to the end customer?

Is an increase in the energy price assumed when analysing the economic efficiency?

If yes, to what extent?

Planned figure for the first insurance year: approximately how many projects are you expecting?

Are the individual projects comparable or completely different?

For how long would you like to guarantee the energy-savings?

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